Little Red Ribbon of Freedom

Part of being married to a coach is I am able to get free coaching – and boy do I need it. Being married to me is not easy – “you are not easy to live with”, is an oft-used statement, especially as married life moves closer to the 20-year mark. I never disagree with […]

Big Beasts…Big Birds

“After all, it will be a big beast in the jungle and, as is the way with big beasts, it will develop its own habits and momentum” – From the Hansard archive  On the eve of another big beast about to be elected in the UK I wonder what I will tell my children in 10 […]

Bulkhead 29 – December 2017

The Twodeck Christmas Blog – Evolve OK – so the ashtray lingering on the coffee table is not a great look, but this was 1978 and times do change. I am sure my long-departed grandfather would attest to the present day faux pas and if he was with us in 2017, at the very least would go […]

Bulkhead 29 – 29th May 2017

Now where is that business book I am reading at present… You know what they say, be careful what you wish for. Now the Twodeck Brand ( is officially launched and the web shop open; I am worse than a 15-year-old checking Facebook as every five minutes I click, click, click to see who has […]