Bulkhead 29 – 29th May 2017

Now where is that business book I am reading at present…

You know what they say, be careful what you wish for. Now the Twodeck Brand (https://www.twodeck.net/) is officially launched and the web shop open; I am worse than a 15-year-old checking Facebook as every five minutes I click, click, click to see who has bought a pair only to rage at my device – and how I am beginning to despise that machine – when I see that no one has bought a pair outside of my family/friend network.

Ho-hum and a bottle of rum this ocean going voyage is going to have to be a patient one as I develop the narrative for the real reason I am building this brand of mine.

Reading does not come easy to me, especially when I read fiction. Business books are easy as it’s the truth that is being told. Or at least someone’s version of it and I can easily let this wash over me. I may not agree with it, but the story is one of ‘do this’- ‘do that’ and all will be good in the end. Whether it is does not matter, what matters is the words are dry, logical and meaningless. Fiction on the other hand is a whole different ball game. With fiction I become the main character and if he or she is flawed, sad and or a touch evil I am become that person.

Now I am not going to American Psycho anyone soon; but I can feel the pain as the novel dissolves into the mind of the character and my own psyche, to use the parlance of my trade, ‘parallel develops ‘along the same story line.

So the challenge for me and my brand is to be the business book and be the novel at the same time and try-o-try to keep my emotions in check as the business grows. Try and keep my character from developing a storyline that will only serve a teary end. I need a good old American ending where my struggle and strife against all the odds succeeds and the tears are the tears of joy. I need Tom Cruse in days of Thunder.

PS: As my own worst enemy, I could not resist starting the tomb that is American Gods (thanks Jamie) over the weekend and after a 3-hour stint reading the book when I should have been watching my children prepare for their next Taekwondo belt – I am hooked. So I will let you guess where my fragile mind is at present when I share with you the opening sequence of chapter 3:

Every hour wounds, the last one kills.

If I pick up another freaking novel just shoot me…