Twodeck is a Sydney based sales-agency committed to launching and managing international distribution for lifestyle brands across the Asia Pacific. Wherever your brand is located, Twodeck has the depth of knowledge and experience to successfully navigate the complex territory of sourcing, establishing and maintaining distribution partners.

Twodeck can help your brand take the next step.

Do you need an international sales department?

We act as your international sales department from afar

Do you need a dedicated international sales department but don’t have the means to do so in house? Twodeck is here to help. We work with your existing team to provide you with all the benefits of an international sales department without the hassle.

Do you need international management?

Twodeck can manage your existing distributor network

\We’re great at navigating the tricky nature of international business and can keep your brand on the straight and narrow. We can manage your existing distributor relationships, enhance connections and build new links in current and new markets.

Do you need help launching in new markets?

Connect with our network of APAC distributors

Twodeck works with a number of prominent distributors within the APAC region and can connect your brand with our existing network. In the event that you need further distributors, we act as a recruiter on your behalf and look for your perfect match in the markets you need.


It’s okay to need a helping hand to get your brand to where it needs to go. Our clients have many reasons for seeking our help, but in truth, there are three main ones. These reasons are the foundation of the relationship our agency will build between your brand and the Asia Pacific region.

We are committed to the sale of your merchandise to a qualified partner. We fight for your orders so you can concentrate on delivering a quality product.

We manage the flow of information, the emails, the chaos, and all those little things you don’t have time for. We sweat the small stuff so you don’t need to.

The Asia Pacific is the world’s fasted growing super commercial trading region. Twodeck is ideally positioned to manage this region while you sleep.


We work with a wide selection of brands worldwide and each case is unique. Our featured brands are something special; they’re often excelling in their market or a shining star on the rise. It’s a pleasure working with each and every one of our brands and we love to show them off.

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Mike ran a 6 month project for us reviewing some key markets in Asia. His footwear and distribution knowledge were of great help, and he delivered a good piece of work on time.

Scott Thomson, CEO at AstleyClarke.com

Mike Todd made an incredibly positive impression on me when we both addressed the International Fashion Incubators Conference in Perth, Australia in 2011. He is very competent and professional in his work and we look forward to employing the services of Twodeck in the nearest future.

Lexy Mojo-Eyes, President/CEO at Legendary Gold Limited.
Mike Todd consulted to Love To Dream over a four month period in 2015. He was responsible for working directly with our distributors to maximise sales and orders. Amongst many things Mike organised an international distributor conference in Germany, all content and presentation was done by Mike and the markets responded very positively to the conference, so much so this is now a yearly event. Mike also advised on various strategic decisions that have helped increase our revenue to date. Always coming to work a vibrant and lovely disposition I would not hesitate to work with Mike again.
Hana Krawchuk, Love to Dream

While working with Twodeck we have been experiencing their excellent skills and dedication and an extremely high level of participation in the brand life.

Simone Ponziani, ArtCrafts International

Twodeck has been instrumental in helping Zipz get a foothold and succeed in the APAC Region.  We could not have accomplished so much and/or been as efficient in that region without their help and expertise.  Our partnership with Twodeck for the APAC region was a fantastic decision on our part and we’re proud to have them as our APAC representation.

John Stefani, Founder/CEO Zipz Shoes

Twodeck has been working with the Primer group for several years and has been a great partner in bringing international brands to market in Asia with the Primer group. Twodeck effectively manages the customer expectations and serves as a very instrumental conduit linking the Primer group with the brand owners.

Mark Chim, Managing Director, Primer International Management Singapore / Hong Kong